About Shield Quality at Work

From an established company with over 30 years experience in the design and production of quality clothing, Shield brings exceptional clothing ensuring quality, safety, comfort and convenience to wearers. Also customising products using a large variety of methods.

Our personalisation service enables you to create the ultimate corporate appearance by use of many print and/or embroidery options on a variety of different garment positions with a choice of text, logo templates ensuring your own corporate identity.

Our ranges are always developed by working very closely with our clients thus ensuring all products achieve their full potential. Customer feedback is welcomed and with our experience , product research and testing we are confident this service will more than meet your needs and expectations.

About Painters Protection

Those of you familiar with the Shield brand will be aware of our tireless commitment to bringing you the very best in work clothing and PPE solutions.

All our products including PPE are available through our network of Trade Decorators merchants, familiar names like Dulux Crown Brewers and many more.

Over the coming months we will be bringing you further news about offers and promotions for our range and where you get them.

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If you are unsure of the products suitablity for the job in hand then please call: 0844 858 4592

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Shield Filter Spec

At last, a chance to look cool in safety wear. This unique product solves the age old problem suffered by wearers of spectacles or masks. When wearing both either the specs fit comfortably but your mask doesn't seal resulting in steamed up specs or your specs don't fit properly when re-adjusting the mask. This product blends both requirements into one comfortable and stylish option.

Twin Respirator

Twin Respirator is suitable for spray painting with low solvent based paints where there is adequate ventilation. This mask is also suitable for power sanding where there are clouds of fine dust.

Please note that this respirator should not be used where there is deficiency of less than 19% oxygen in the atmosphere. It should also not be used when applying epoxy based paint or paints containing isosianates.

Cotton Gloves

The most popular general purpose decorators glove for painting and sanding down where there is no risk of skin exposure to toxic substances. Conforms to CE Category 1

Flexi Grip Gloves

A great new addition to our range of painters protection gloves and it's fast becoming a favourite with painters and decorators. It provides all the dexterity of the disposable vinyl and latex gloves but with a thicker palm coating and more importantly a breathable mesh back. This helps to prevent the "sweaty palm" syndrome experienced with the disposable gloves and the heavier PVC gloves. Comfort and convenience is this gloves strong point. The addition of a substantial elasticated cuff helps to stop the glove twisting.

Safety Specs

Wrap around safety specs. Ideal for low risk decorating jobs such as water based painting & hand sanding. These specs offer style as well as functionality. Designed to offer greatly improved peripheral vision. Ideal for on site work as well as general decorating. Conforms to EN166.

High Visibility Vest

A Hi-Vis Vest must be worn on building & construction sites and whenever you are in working environments where you must be seen

Our vest has generous sizing allowing the vest to be worn over existing clothing. Available in Large and Extra Large. Conforms to EN471 Class 2